La Champrenière - Bed and Breakfast

Nathalie et Frédéric BOUTIN
la Champrenière
85510 Le Boupère
tel. port. : 06 70 96 58 94
tel. port. : 07 83 80 39 53
tel. fixe :  09 50 98 85 25

The Vendee has many surprises in store for you

Le Vendée Globe

official supplier of legends since 1989, this race has impressed the maritim world and the public in general to the point where even the strongest superlatives  seem unable to define it.

Website : Le Vendée Globe

Le château de st Mesmin

Le château de st Mesmin est une Forteresse médiévale des XIVème et XVème siècles,  situé au cœur du Bocage. the castle of st mesmin is a medievale forteresse of the XIV and XV century.every year a new thematique is about  an important moment of the history and you would meet some very sympatic people who explain you every detail of the castle

Website : Le château de st Mesmin

Le château de Pouzauges

this forteress from the XIIth century house of Catherine de Thouars, gilles de rais's wife is one of the older stone caste of the poitou.
in july and august, you would have informations on the town for you and a lot of animations for your children.

Website : Le château de Pouzauges

The Puy du Fou

You will spend evenings of your dreams there. For one and a half hours the marvellous show of lights will transport you to the depths of the
history of the Vendee.
As for the Grand Parcours, its many spectacles will take you through history from the Vikings to the present day...

Website : le Puy du Fou


Impregnable citadel overhanging the river Sevre Nantaise. Territory of Gilles De Rais, Joan of Arc's faithful lieutenant and better known as Bluebeard.
Many summer spectacles in the moat and keep will bring this period to life

Website : Château de Tiffauges

Chrono des Nations

the chrono des nations is one of the most importante international race for cyclisme. every years you can come to have a totally week of sports, and commercial animation

Website : Chrono des nations

La Rochelle

The landmark of every pirate. You can visit the Aquarium, one of the most impressive in France.
You can also walk round the Port des Minimes, not forgetting the Ile de Re opposite ...

Website : La Rochelle

Les Sables d'Olonne

Amidst the coming and going of the tides you can bathe all along the wonderful embankment of this superb seaside resort.
Departure point for the famousVendée Globe
If you have the strength, you can take advantage of the many cycle tracks from St Jean de Monts to Noirmoutier, famous for its Passage du Gois, a must for your stay.

Websie : Les Sables d'Olonne

The Futuroscope

This park has been surprising us for 25 years with its imagination and still today it will leave you with unforgettable memories

Website : The Futuroscope

and a lot of information that you can find anywhere else